Terms and Conditions

What are Royalty Free images?
Royalty free is a simple form of image licensing. Single images are priced according to the size of the image.
As soon as you have purchased an image you can download the image(s) and start using them according to the terms and conditions set out below.

The Terms of the License for Royalty Free images

You only pay once for an image/images. You can then use them as many times as you like, in different projects and for an unlimited period of time.

Where you can use the image…
You may use the image in advertising, marketing, websites*, broadcasts, publications, etc.
(The use of images in pornographic, derogatory or other illegal ways is prohibited).
*The images may not be made available for download on websites or other digital media.
Images may only be used by the purchaser or the person who has been assigned as end-user at the time of purchase.

Make changes to images
You may make changes to those images which you have purchased. However you may not resell the image or create a new licensed work which is entirely or in part based on the image(s) which you have purchased.

If you wish to purchase an exclusive right to any of our images so nobody else can buy the same picture, contact the photographer pierre@ledendal.se